Surface Repair

In many cases, a car's existing finish provides an excellent surface for new paint. However, often times a car will need extra attention before the new paint can be applied.

Painting over chips and scratches can intensify the problem. At Premier Auto Body, we surface sand your car with 800 grit sand paper and seal necessary areas to ensure proper paint adhesion.

Some surface damage such as cracking, peeling or excessive chipping can only be corrected by completely removing of the old finish or paint. Cracks and peeling require stripping since they penetrate to the bare metal and sanding alone is not enough.

Dent Repair

At Premier Auto Body, all of our repairs start with top tier metalworking or heating techniques. Body fillers cover minor defects that can remain after the damage has been straightened.

Proper welding is critical to car repair. Replacement parts must be welded with updated MIG welding techniques and equipment to protect their structural integrity.

Bumper Repair or Replacement

Depending on your car, and your plans for it, you may need to remove, repair, or replace the bumper. Doing this guarantees the best paint coverage, prevents any overspray on the car, and ensures there will be no paint bridging the gap between the bumper and the rest of the car.

Our experienced technicians repair peeling, torn and dented bumpers for much less than other auto body repair shops. We expertly paint match the color of your bumper, using the highest quality paints to keep it looking like new.

Premier Auto Body's standard practice is to use only original equipment (OE) parts. In some cases - if the car is older, if OE parts aren't available or if you or your insurance company want to economize - we can provide either used or aftermarket parts.


At Premier Auto Body, we use only high quality refinish products and we provide a lifetime guarantee on our work. We color-match and offer custom colors.